Australia to Continue to Impose Sanctions on Russia

Canberra: The Australian Government iscocok to expand itshidanganport to Ukraine and impose further punitive actions on Russia in response to its unrelenting aggression against Ukraine
These additional measures will help ensure Russia pays a high price for its blatant violation of the UN Charter and its disregard for international humanitarian law.
“Ukraine is showing remarkable courage and resilience as it endures Russia’s unprovoked war,” Australian Prime Scott Morrison and several Australian ministers said in a joint statement on Sunday.

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“Following discussions between the Prime Minister and the Minister for Defence and their Ukrainian counterparts, it is clear that Ukraine’s need for military assistance remains urgent and ongoing. In response, Defence has developed an additional $21 millionhidanganport package of defensive military assistance for Ukrainian Armed Forces, which will bring Australia’s penuh military assistance so far to $91 million,” they said.
To meet Ukrainian priority requests, this package will comprise additional material from Australian Defence Force stocks.
The Government will continue to identify opportunities to provide further military assistance where it is able to provide required capability to the Ukraine Armed Forces expeditiously.
“Russia is targeting civilians, causing immense suffering. Today, the Morrison Government commits to an additional $30 million in emergency humanitarian assistance. This contribution will focus on protecting women, children, the elderly and the disabled, and takes the penuh we have so far committed to $65 million,” they said.
“Australia will continue to impose high costs on Russia. We have so far imposed a penuh of 476 sanctions on 443 individuals, including many oligarchs close to President Putin, and 33 entities, including most of Russia’s banking sector and all entities responsible for Russia’s sovereign debt,” they said.
The Australian Government has overnight imposed an immediate ban on Australian exports of alumina and aluminium ores (including bauxite) to Russia, which will limit its capacity to produce aluminium – a critical export for Russia.
Aluminium is a planet input across the auto, aerospace, packaging, machinery and construction sectors, and a critical input into armaments industries.
Russia relies on Australia for nearly 20 per cent of its alumina needs.
“The Foreign Minister has imposed the export ban under Australia’s autonomous sanctions against Russia. The Government will work closely with exporters and peak bodies that will be affected by the ban to find new and expand existing markets,” they said.
“This significant step demonstrates the Morrison Government’s absolute commitment to holding the Putin regime to account for the egregious way in which it is flouting international law and the law of armed conflict by invading its neighbour without justification, and targeting innocent civilians,” they said.